Like you, I am a parent of a student in the DCHS IB Program. Unlike most of you, I work at DCHS and within the program so getting information to help support, guide, and motivate my daughter is far easier than for parents without such immediate access.

We have put several things in place to help keep parents informed in a number of ways. Our grade level Google calendars found under the Current Students tab lists each upcoming major test or other assessment as teachers determine dates and turn them in to me. We have also posted information about scholarships and financial aid in our College Information tab.

This week we will begin forming parent support teams for each grade so that parents, veteran and new, can more easily share information and advice about various aspects of the IB Program and the challenges of the high school experience.

We have also added the IB Student Concern Notification form this year. As the form explains, it is simply a way to help keep you informed about anything we notice regarding your child that is a concern and that we think you would like to know. We hope that this will help quickly combine efforts of school and home in addressing issues and changing behavior. The response so far this year from parents has been unanimously positive and appreciative. I have included an example of the IB Student Concern Notification form below (using my daughter Grace as the student of concern).

We will also hold regular parent meetings throughout the year to give you better access to the program. The details for each meeting will be sent well in advance.

Of course we can’t possibly do a great job supporting families if we don’t listen to their suggestions as well. The parent support teams will help with that, but I hope you all will give us the benefit of your thoughts and advice at any time.


IB Student Concern Notification

Student Name: Grace Hall (EXAMPLE)

Teacher: Meg Hart

Notification Date: August 4, 2016


On Wednesday, August 03, 2016 Grace came to class without her vocabulary homework, resulting in a zero for a daily grade. I enjoy Grace very much in class, but of late her focus seems to have drifted from her schoolwork.
—-Meg Hart

Your child’s success is our priority. We are committed to keeping you informed about anything that we identify as a barrier to academic health and high achievement. It is our hope that in addressing issues quickly, and with your support, we will change behavior and prevent missed opportunities and poor performance.

Please discuss the issue of concern outlined above with your child. This is not an official disciplinary matter, and it does not go into the permanent record that colleges and universities will see. It is simply a tool to help keep you informed and to assist your child in being as successful as possible.

If you would like to speak with the notifying teacher in greater depth, please feel free to contact them. I am also more than willing to be of help, about this or any other matter, and I have included my personal cell phone for your convenience in reaching me.

All the best,

Casey Hall
IB Coordinator, Douglas County High School