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History Paper One Sample A

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IB History Paper Two Areas of Focus

History Paper Two Exemplar

History Paper 2 Sample Paper

Examiner’s Comments on Paper Two Exemplar

An excellent answer. Knowledge wise it covers both the European and Pacific theatres – and shows sufficient depth of understanding and factual knowledge to warrant the top band. The answer is well structured and organised and builds towards a clear conclusion that links the material together. Historical perspectives are evaluated and integrated effectively. There are places where it drifts a little (e.g. on the League of Nations) and it could spend longer on 1936-37 in China, but despite this it warrants a mark of 15 as full marks does not mean perfection. 15/15

History Paper Three Exemplar

History Paper 3 Sample Paper

Examiner’s Comments on Paper Three Exemplar

Clearly focused response with a high degree of awareness of the demands of the question and an excellent command of economic terms used in the analysis. Good distinction between long and short term causes with an acknowledgment of the political factors involved. Slightly weaker when describing the actual crash, but overall this is an excellent response. 14/15

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