11th News


A Helpful Article About Test Taking


Dear Parents of IB Juniors,

The start of 11th grade marks the beginning of the IB Diploma curriculum for our students. This will be perhaps their most challenging year at DCHS.

They are moving from a schedule of five PIB courses, to one of seven IB courses, with a corresponding increase in workload. You will hear a great deal this year about IAs, EEs, IOCs, IOPs, and much of the rest of the alphabet as they produce labs, essays, and presentations for official IB course work.

They will also begin the CAS process during which they will reflect upon the creativity, action, and service elements involved in their extra-curricular activities. They will learn much more about CAS and its requirements in the coming weeks, and I have included a link from the IB.Org site that explains some of the elements.


In order to be successful in balancing their school work and other responsibilities, as well as managing to enjoy all that DCHS and life as a teenager have to offer, our IB juniors will need to be well-organized and diligent all year. I cannot emphasize the importance of starting the year with focus and dedication, of meeting deadlines, and of doing their very best to produce high quality work.

We are committed to supporting them each step of the way, with the understanding that in addition to being part of a challenging academic program each student has a unique combination of circumstances, demands on their time, and interests that they must also balance.

Helping them keep an even keel as they navigate the year will require a delicate combination from the school and the home of encouragement, high expectations, regular communication, and occasional nudging to help them get back on course. We promise to let you know if see a need for anything special in terms of motivation or support regarding your child, and I hope you will let us know the same.

I teach all of the IB juniors in History of the Americas, and my eldest daughter is an IB junior this year, so I can honestly say we are in this boat together. I look forward to great things.

All the best,

Casey Hall