History of the Americas Assignments

Pre-Columbian America Overview

Please use the links provided on the HoA resources page to read the following pages:

First Link: pgs. 57-59 (Chavin culture in South America)

Second Link: All pages

For each culture, society, or civilization please make sure to pay special attention to the following:

Political/governmental structure and practices, the role of warfare, man’s relationship to his environment, economic characteristics and practices (agriculture, tribute, currency use or lack thereof, trade, etc.), religious characteristics and practices (and its relationship to power), the arts and sciences (including architecture), and language.

For each culture, try to get a sense of how the geography helped shape it, and both the important similarities and differences among them. Organizing your notes using charts, perhaps broken up by period (Pre-Classic, Classic, Post-Classic) or area (North America, Mesoamerica, South America) may be of help.